Uma direcção. As horas a passar. O nascer-do-sol. Uma árvore frondosa. Um sorriso espontâneo. Uma janela aberta para ver o mundo girar.
Não só ver. Participar. Contribuir. Girar com ele. Porque o mundo não pára e a vida também não.

A direction. The sunrise over the ocean. A leafy tree. A spontaneous smile. An open window to see the world turning. Not just see.
To participate. To contribute. To turn in the same direction. Because the world keeps turning and so does life.

quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2008

To my foreign friends

This blog is mainly an attempt to keep in touch with all those that made a difference in my world... it wil be written also in english (at least some of the times) because of you, the pieces of my world that are scattered around the planet and with whom I want to share all the funny, embaracing and surprising experiences I have the chance to live.

I’ll see you around…

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